More green against noise, particulate pollution and overheating of cities: With the theme of green roofs and green building envelope, the DACH+HOLZ International devoted itself to an important issue of the future. It is not just about positive effects on cities and people who live there, but also for the craft, which implements the projects.

Today, around 75 percent of the population in Germany live in urban areas. The trend is upwards. Challenges associated with urban density, such as

  • rising temperatures
  • noise
  • environmental pollution and
  • particulate pollution.

Challenges that might be met with more plants in the cities, be it on the roof, on the façade, in courtyards, or as an overall concept for entire neighbourhoods. The greening of building envelopes is a crucial issue for the future, not only for urban planners, municipalities, architects and landscape gardeners, but also for roofing and sheet-metalwork artisanry.

DACH+HOLZ International offered a dedicated exhibition area for green roofs. Start-up companies will explain current developments, new approaches to solutions and interesting projects on the hot topic.

This included, among other things, adding modular structures above car parks, mediation between clients, architects and artisan companies, things that can be done with unused roofs on existing buildings, and the installation of community gardens on roofs.

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