Visitors found out more about exciting developments in the market at the special show "Digitisation". They discovered clever start-ups like AIRTEAM or Stegimondo with new ideas.

The AIRTEAM Roof-Inspector

With the help of the Roof-Inspector, AIRTEAM is using drones to survey roofs across Germany and using drone and satellite data to provide the building sector with survey data that is quick, accurate, and economical.

Roof-Inspector www.roof-inspector.com is a solution designed specifically to meet roofers' requirements for cost-effective measurements. For the initial cost estimate, the company will provide roof measurements based on satellite images, and for the settlement, will deliver highly accurate survey data obtained with the help of aerial drone photographs. With Roof-Inspector, measurements are made up to 90% faster, cheaper, and safer than ever.

This is how it works:

  1. The client can enter their order themselves on the Roof-Inspector web platform. Here, the client can determine for which building and by when they need the measurements - AIRTEAM takes care of the rest.
  2. One of more than 100 drone pilots will carry out the aerial survey on site and then send the images to AIRTEAM for analysis.
  3. The images are used to analyse the data and create a 3D model, and the client receives a detailed report with all measurements, including dormers and chimneys.

With the "software-as-a-service" solution, AIRTEAM makes it possible for roofers, architects, and building companies to receive current survey data of the building site regularly, quickly, and at a low cost. Every step of this process, from data processing to the informative evaluation report, is carried out by AIRTEAM. The company's own cloud-based "AIRTEAM Aerial Intelligence Platform" allows the data to be accessed at any time and from any terminal.

Stegimondo - Dachdecker 4.0

Are you familiar with the "world's first online roofer"? That is how the team from Stegimondo refers to themselves. Stegimondo is a Berlin-based start-up roofing company, and as a specialist business, it builds on the longstanding professional experience of foreman Ingo Lorenz. Their goal: to bring together the achievements of solid German craftwork with the advantages of the Internet age and create fixed price offers within just a few minutes.

"A roof quotation in just 10 minutes" - how is that possible? The client uploads the construction plans (for a new building) or photographs of the roof in its current condition (for renovation work). Based on these inputs, the software, supported by roofing experts, uses sophisticated algorithms to calculate a quotation, and clients will generally receive a fixed price offer within just a few minutes. This way, both the start-up and the workers save themselves the journey, and roofing companies carry out the orders.

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