03. 02. 2020

DACH+HOLZ International 2020: the network for the future

607 exhibitors from 29 countries filled the halls at the DACH+HOLZ International 2020 in Stuttgart. Under the motto “Our trade fair. Our strengths.” 52,000 visitors from 83 countries learned about the future of their trades – that is a 5% increase in visitors compared to DACH+HOLZ International 2016 in Stuttgart. The highlight this year: the leading trade fair for carpenters, roofers, and metal roofers was the first point of contact for all generations.

With more opportunities for discussion, a wider variety of experiences to be had, and unique, cross-industry offerings, the DACH+HOLZ International 2020 was once again Europe’s most important industry event for roofers, carpenters, and metal roofers. For the first time, the timber construction area in the new hall 10 offered a comprehensive range of offers for the timber construction industry, grouped together at a single time and place. 92.2 percent of all trade visitors honoured this variety with the highest possible ratings; 91.7 percent said they would, accordingly, recommend the trade fair to others. “The DACH+HOLZ International is a platform that young talent, influencers, and established professionals can all use to meet and to exchange ideas. Their passion for their trades could be felt in every hall,” says Robert Schuster, Project Manager of DACH+HOLZ International. This was confirmed by exhibitors in an independent survey: 96.9 percent gave their fair top ratings.

High spirits among visitors and exhibitors

DACH+HOLZ International 2020 impressed both exhibitors and visitors with the new special areas, the increased exchange of knowledge, and the comradery between both trades. This came across especially well at the DACH+HOLZ forum: 91.5 percent of all visitors gave the highest possible ratings. The excellent spirits seen in the halls and among the professional visitors, who were primarily tradespeople, was reflected in the general ratings and the branch development. 89.7 percent of the visitors surveyed predict stable-to-increasing economic development. Based on the challenges that the boom is bringing with it, one-third of all visitors stated that the search for innovations was at the foreground of their visit to the trade fair. Networking, knowledge sharing, and discussions with peers were also distinguishing characteristics of the DACH+HOLZ International 2020. For one-third of the visitors, the main reason for their visit was to maintain and expand their personal network. The high quality and competence of its visitors was highlighted by 94.3 percent of the exhibitors.

A trade fair for the whole industry

The trade fair’s new focus with the young talent day was a complete success, especially for the next generation of roofers and carpenters who are waiting in the (digital) starting gates. The discussions at the trade fair with young influencers and their communities, the carpenters’ meeting point, and the roofers’ meeting point provided valuable, cross-generation conversations with many “eureka” moments. Immediately following this, the second focal topic – the digitisation of communication and business processes – attracted great interest. This could be seen, for example, at the special show “Digitisation”: Hands-on experiences with new technologies was the main focus at eleven stations. Experts showed how to successfully get started with the topic, why it will be so important in the future, and which developments from this area will influence the industry in the coming years.

The next DACH+HOLZ International will take place from 15 to 18 February 2022 in Cologne. Further information about the trade show: www.dach-holz.com

More interesting numbers in the news ticker:Top 3 offering groups: Wood and wood materials // Wood building and construction, prefabricated wood construction // Roofing and roof waterproofing +++ Visitor structure: 64% trade // 10% industry // 5% wholesale +++ Top 5 visitor countries: Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Italy

Voices from the event:

“The DACH+HOLZ International in Stuttgart was marked by the solidarity of the trades and fresh impetus. The feedback and ideas of the practitioners – from the apprentices to the influencers and on to the decision-makers – are important stimuli for the development of the trade fair. They showed us at the trade fair what an important complement DACH+HOLZ International and their personal networks represent in a digital era. And they lay a solid, essential foundation for the future of the trades. These exchanges and new knowledge will help the industry as a whole to move forward.

Dieter Dohr, Chairman of the Board of GHM Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen mbH


“I am very pleased that this year’s DACH+HOLZ International once again showed such an excellent response from exhibitors and visitors. That underlines once more how important this trade fair is and that it is the leading trade fair for the timber construction of the future. That could also be observed at the architecture day. We need sustainable and ecological building methods. And timber construction is predestined for that role, because the role it plays in protecting the climate is undisputed. The Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, emphasised this with the statement “Wooden houses are like a second forest in the city”. We need to remove legal and bureaucratic obstacles now for the buildings of the future.”

Peter Aicher, CEO of Holzbau Deutschland – Association of German Master Carpenters in the German Construction Confederation


“The DACH+HOLZ 2020 is the world’s leading trade fair in this industry. The numbers are once again impressive and exhibitors from around the world have shown what they are capable of. The roofing and timber industry has presented itself well; it is well-equipped with innovations – even for the digital era. But the trade fair can do even more: along with the large number of exhibitors, the comprehensive supporting programme made clear how multi-facetted our trades are. No matter whether it was the digital special show, the lively workshops, metal forum, the young talent day with a student rally, or the green mobility programme: there was really something for everyone. In short: DACH+HOLZ is the platform everyone needs to have visited, now more than ever.

Dirk Bollwerk, President of ZVDH, Central Association of the German Roofing Trade

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