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Newcomers and their innovations: Start-up Area at DACH+HOLZ International 2022

With examples including an inflatable portaloo for the construction site, a clever cutting tool for flat roofs, a miracle assembly machine and a green roof system: DACH+HOLZ International will be presenting newcomers and their innovations in the Start-up Area (Hall 6) from 5 to 8 July 2022. What’s new this year is that the start-ups will each be given time for a short pitch in which to inspire their audience with their product. Whichever one impresses the expert panel of judges the most will win an award at the trade fair.

“Making contacts”, “discovering what’s new in the industry”, “gaining an overview of the products”, as well as “finding out about innovations”: these are the answers skilled craftsmen and women often give to the question of why they visit trade fairs. Lots of companies will again be exhibiting new products at DACH+HOLZ International this year. But it is often the smaller, unknown firms that come along to present their clever solutions for the everyday tasks carried out by skilled craftsmen and women. The Start-up Area in Hall 6 will be introducing a total of 15 firms and their innovations and/or solutions. What’s new this year is that on Thursday 7 July from 10 am until 12 noon, each of the start-ups will have a 7 minute pitch in which to inspire their audience with their product (Forum, Hall 6, Stand 212). Whichever one impresses the expert panel of judges the most will win the “Start-Up Award” at the trade fair.

The inflatable portaloo

The family firm Haidl from Passau is a father-son team. Johann Haidl has many years of experience as a master plumber and knows where the problems lie and where solutions are required on the construction site. For instance – when nature calls – the mobile toilet solution “easyToi” as an alternative to the Dixi portable toilet (perfect for short-term and spontaneous construction sites) can be assembled, or rather inflated, very quickly. The solution with side walls made of air chambers can be transported folded up in a car and then assembled and is ready to use within a few minutes.

Haidl also has another innovation to present in Cologne: the construction site downpipe system “ProfiTube”. The system functions as a stand-in until the permanent drainage pipe from the roof to the drain can be installed on site. It allows building or repair work to continue unhindered and also prevents water damage to the façade and the drain area. “I developed the downpipe system after a conversation with an architect and a builder around two years ago,” said Johann Haidl. There were repeated problems with dampness on the façade caused by temporary and, above all, defective make-do constructions. That is how the plumber came up with his idea. The “ProfiTube” is currently produced at the firm's own premises, some components – the flexible pipes, for example – are bought in. It is mainly his son Johannes who is responsible for distributing the product and looking after the day-to-day work at the office. “I enjoy tinkering and am always open to solutions,” said Johann Haidl. Once he has exchanged thoughts on a problem in conversation, the ideas come automatically to the inventor. His motto being that if there is a problem, then it needs a solution! “We want our products to make things easier in the working world and make the life of the skilled craftsmen and women on the construction site more comfortable. We don’t just want it, we make it happen too!”

Digital construction site

Construction sites are analogue, but there are many processes in the everyday life of the construction site that are quicker and easier when digitalised. The company Craftnote has devised a digital programme that is designed to facilitate everyday tasks on the construction site. For example, recording staff working hours on the move or filling in report notes digitally. The aim here is to make business processes more effective. Thanks to digital project and resource planning, bottlenecks and double booking on the construction site can be prevented at one glance. Other tools include the construction logbook and measurement lists that can be created from digital templates. The forms can be filled in and signed on site. Users can import their own forms into the Craftnote app for skilled craftsmen and women and these can then be transferred directly from the construction site to the office. The software is compatible for use on tablets, smartphones and PCs.

The clever cutting fox for flat roofs

Bitumen sheets are often still cut by hand on roofs using hook blades, a time-consuming process. With its “Flat Roof Fox”, the young company Rooffox GmbH, founded by Tobias Büttgen – himself a roofer – has developed a cutting tool that automates repeated horizontal and vertical cutting operations with hardly any effort. “Compared to manual cutting, this does away with various stages of the job,” said Tobias Büttgen. “For example, you no longer need to move along the roof on your knees and spend a lot of time cutting individual sections.” The machine weighs around 25 kg and has two wheels so it is also flexible to use on roofs. Because the various stages of the job are automated and the machine is easy to use, a significant amount of time can be saved, according to the manufacturer. “I know what I am talking about, that is why as a roofer I developed a tool for roofers,” said Tobias Büttgen.

Rethinking timber house construction

The young company Stexon GmbH has dedicated itself to innovations in timber construction. The products are designed to optimise production processes and make operations at the construction site more efficient. “There is so much potential in timber construction and we regard ourselves as a partner for innovation in all aspects of timber house construction,” said Klaus Mohr, Managing Director of Stexon GmbH. One of their successful products is a multi-functional fast plug connection for the assembly of houses. These “small miracle assembly machines” – as they are described by the company – were successfully introduced to the market three years ago and have since been distributed by Hilti. In January, a plywood board connector from Austria was added to the Stexon product range. “X-Fix” is a pure timber connector that is extremely durable, sustainable and recyclable. A static connection between wall and ceiling elements can be created quickly and simply with “X-Fix” and a hammer. Alongside this assembly aid, Stexon has many other tools and devices in its product range, which – according to the motto “better, faster, simpler and with greater precision” – aim to make timber construction more efficient. Stexon is presenting its portfolio of innovations in timber (house) construction at DACH+HOLZ International.

Digital construction documentation

The “wirbauen.digital” app created by wirbauen.digital GmbH (founded in 2020) is designed for skilled craftsmen and women, architects, builders and property developers. It simplifies construction work documentation using a digital tool that is intuitive to use. As a software solution made by a skilled craftsman for the skilled crafts sector, it supports project and company management as well as cooperation between all parties involved in the construction project. The smartphone app functions as the central point for recording data on the construction site. Working hours, photos, services and day labour are recorded at project level. Via the user interface, which is intuitive to use, progress is documented directly within the imported service specifications (GAEB-compatible) and all items can be seen in full.

The web app provides skilled craftsmen and women, general contractors, builders and investors an overview of their construction projects and their current status at all times. The detailed view not only displays recorded services and working hours, but also current project turnover, employees involved and photos with comments. Overall progress can be broken down to the lowest level of service item. All recorded data is easily shared and exported. “In the future, we are also planning to develop automated provision of audit documents to incorporate traders and manufacturers,” explained Daniel Grube, Managing Partner of wirbauen.digital GmbH, which is based in Cologne/Siegen.

Green pitched roof

Green spaces on roofs as an additional natural habitat: if the spread of urban lifestyles continues at pace, preserving biodiversity will be one of the key challenges facing local authorities too. This includes the subject of temperature management. Particularly in large urban conurbations, roof greening is one of the most effective ways of reducing the air temperature in the surrounding area. Greening pitched roofs has been a difficult and especially cost-intensive affair until now. mygreentop aims to change that. Just under three years ago, Plettenberg-based plastics engineer Dirk Kieslich showed a paper roof tile that he had crafted himself to his friends Steffen Reeder and Oliver Stolzenberg and asked them if they could imagine working with him to make something of this “thing” – pitched roof greening using a special roof tile. No sooner said than done, the “thing”, in other words, the roof greening system for pitched roofs is now ready for series production. It is simply swapped with the existing roof tile. The light weight of the “mygreentop COMPLETE” roof tile means that virtually no additional weight is added to the roof framework despite the roof greening. Thanks to its intelligent honeycomb structure and the glass fibres in the plastic compound, the tile offers a high level of stability and a long lifespan (compared to traditional tiles).

In addition to the above-mentioned firms, there will be other young companies presenting their products in the Start-up Area, including:

  • Moisture Guard: measurement technology for moisture analysis
  • Spacific: digital solutions
  • Airteam Aerial Intelligence GmbH: roof surveys with drones
  • open Handwerk: digital skilled crafts software for businesses in the skilled crafts sector and building firms
  • Attika 247 GmbH: aluminium wall cladding

The complete Exhibitor Directory for DACH+HOLZ International 2022 is available at www.dach-holz.com.


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  • The innovative construction site downpipe system "ProfiTube" functions as a stand-in until the permanent drainage pipe from the roof to the drain can be installed on site.  © Haidl
  • Stexon presents a "small assembly wonder machine" at DACH+HOLZ International. This is is a multi-functional fast plug connection for the assembly of houses. © Stexon
  • The wirbauen.digital software solution supports the cooperation of all parties involved in the construction project and simplifies the documentation of the construction work with an intuitive digital tool. © wirbauen.digital
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